Lady Mountain Healing and Readings
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Lady Mountain Healing for Well Being

Healing the Physical Body & Aura Bodies


Support includes areas of - Grief, Depression, Emotional and Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Eating, Space Clearing, Pain Relief.

Using various modalities such as - Colour, Crystals, Gems, Herbs & Flowers (external use), Meditation,

Healing Treatments including:  Aura Wipes, Well Being Counselling, Women's Health Healing Massage


Lady Mountain Tarot Readings

Frownstrong Tarot Medium, Spiritual Guidance, Teacher - for over 25 years. 


Lady Mountain Healing & Readings offers a safe, confidential, clean, refined and nurturing environment using uniquely developed modalities including colour, gems, herbs & flowers (external), healing in the aura.  As healing is ever evolving Lady Mountain Healing is ever keeping abreast with the latest frequencies that offer these alignments for the clients Well-Being.

The approach is that of a Well Being Practitioner skilled to understand the workings of the human complex –  the physical body and electrical bodies within the aura.   Therefore the focus is on the whole person to identify imbalance toward revealing underlying causes of ill health.  The rebalancing and cleansing of any blockages lifts the life to a finer level of wellbeing where the flow of natural self-healing responses may activate.  Lady Mountain Healing is a complimentary medicine.