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About the Practitioner

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Jennifer Marie Gill lives locally on the Sunshine Coast.  When on the mountains and looking out from Mary Cairncross Jennifer Marie is reminded of the family pineapple farms and growing up in the country.  After travelling, living in London and Sydney it was this memory that caused Jennifer Marie to return to a taste of the country life to bring up her son.   These memories were of the magical environment that she experienced spending time by the creek under the canopy of trees on the depths of the family farm.  Of course it is no longer there but there still remains hints of this magic in Maleny.  Jennifer Marie has always had a connection with the land of this country having spent her earliest toddler years in Menindee where she would play on the banks of the Darling River.    

Jennifier Marie initially studied Theatre and Acting at the Ensemble Studios in Sydney and this took Jennifer to look deeper at the human workings where she studied Remedial Therapies including massage, reflexology, eating for health specialising in Womens Health including Post Natal Depression.  Jennifer Marie is also a qualified Counsellor.  Jennifer Marie has 25 years experience within the Well Being Science practices which opens up the whole area of a life including their energy bodies or aura and this is where it has become clear that as a Well Being Practitioner Jennifer Marie finds greatest results for clients offering an holistic approach and resolve for clients health restoration.  This is also where Jennifer Marie has developed the skills of a Frownstrong Tarot Medium wishing to get to the originality and cause to understand the harmony between the Human and the Universe.

Theatre and the Arts still hold a strong part in Jennifer Marie's life where she has been involved in various pursuits in Maleny including the Maleny Singers, Maleny Players and the Lift Gallery.   Jennifer Marie grew up with Ballet as her passion dancing concerts in Caboolture and even Woodford, dancing in Woodford long before Woodfordia was a twinkle in anyones eye! Jennifer Marie is currently involved locally in Maleny with singing and is developing Lady Mountain Art and eventually Lady Mountain Electrobics - movement for healing.

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About 'Lady Mountain'

Lady Mountain came in a dream and it has turned up as a medium where both the past and the future can meet.    This is not surprising as there is much moving in the lands of the world welcoming the new that is incoming.    This is where Lady Mountain Healing & Readings recognises the Ancestors of this land held an Eminent Way of Life for many thousands of years waiting for this special time and they also wish to be upgraded and included into the Future.  This all needs humans as we are a collective, a part of a whole and it is this connection with the Great Mother - Mother Earth, and the Greater Mother - Creation, this special platform of it's essences and Angels where a natural flow can come together with the human as it needs humans as the vehicle.