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COLOUR - Energy!

What is the relationship between colour and energy?  For example, what energy does the heart need, different to that needed by the lungs, muscles, stomach?

There are many colours and combinations of colours, all different and unique in their energy content and quality from a low level to a fine incandescent level.   Here are two well-known systems:


Pentagram COLOUR

Healing the internal organs, the inner senses and centres.

This relates to our senses, our outer senses that we know so well  – hearing, taste, touch, smell, sight.   It is the energies of the inner centres that our major internal organs need to be in balance for our well being.  Shakespeare called these centres our inner senses.  These colour fuels are what our internal organs rely on for our everyday existence. 

This is also the seat of the Soul and the Souls Wellbeing inspires the Spirit!

Spectrum COLOUR

Healing and balancing the living life processes and harmonies.

Humans are ‘Rainbow People’, we know the rainbow, the seven colours we see in the sky after rain.  This is the natural government we live under on this planet, our Great Mother.  Everything around us is divided into seven including how we relate to the world around us and within ourselves.

Truth and Trust  – in this ever changing world this is one place where Truth can be found, by looking at the natural worlds and the natural laws and how things work. 

There is a Trust in knowing the Sun gives warmth, the River gives us water to quench our thirst, the Trees give us shade and fruit to eat, the Earth gives us a home, these are some examples of where the quality of Trust can be found that cannot be taken away.



As with colour and energy there is also a relationship with Gems, Crystals, Herbs, Flowers and energy and the qualities that flow through them that can enhance our lives.