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 Healing & The Auratreatmentroomsm

The Aura and briefly why Aura Wipes!

Aura Healing is recommended for maintaining optimal health, for example; clearing blockages where there is illness in our physical body, emotional and mental health, supporting recovery and elevating a life in difficult times. 

There is so much that invades our personal space in these current times and the importance of this understanding, knowing the whole of oneself, assists in each life to better understand their own health and wellbeing. (What is my Aura - see below!)

Healing: Current Well Being

Lady Mountain Healing as a Well Being Sciences Practitioner is with the belief that all are constanctly being graced with new healing influences for the benefit of the human race, its Well Being and Evolution.

We believe and understand Healing to be a natural process, that is practiced by the transference of remedial essences from one person to another for the restoration and easement of bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual balances. 

This has been described as Future Dreaming. 

Therefore it feels important to note that Lady Mountain Healing acknowledges the importance of Recognising the Aboriginal Ancestors and their legacy of holding an Eminent Way of Life for many thousands of years for our collective future wellbeing.

What is My Aura?

As humans we are made of many parts some seen and some unseen.  A bit likthe days of the week where you could consider that the five working days are the seen and the weekend, the energizing days are the unseen part.  It is similar to the human that is 2/3 physical and 1/3 electrical or our Aura our energizing part.  This means that we have our physical bodies and we have an electrical body our Aura that keeps us working.  We know with kirlian photography that photos can be taken of the different heat variants as one view to show there is more to be understood.

The health of our Aura is crucial for all levels of our Well Being.  The Aura is around each human and it has a subtle edge or sheath differing to the flora and fauna who have an energy field.   The human Aura varies in size depending on development and health, but basically it extends past our outstretched arms to the side, above our heads and into the ground – a bit like an egg shape.  It also has different levels that reflect our physical bodies as well as other lights. 

It is what babies look at, the lights in our aura, when it is thought that the baby cannot focus yet!  It is the lights in our aura that animals can see and can know if we are kind and safe or not!