Lady Mountain Healing and Readings
Sunshine Coast  0499 603 248

Readings - Tarot

Frownstrong Tarot Medium, Spiritual Guidance, Teacher - for over 25 years.

Readings:  $70          Couples Readings:  $95

Tarot Readings

Humans used to be ‘Awed’ by the workings of the Stars, of Nature and of Themselves. In these current times life has been turned away from these natural ways of originality leaving many in despair.

Lady Mountain Readings offers a very safe ecology and with the Fine Nature of the Original Frownstrong Tarot comes a healing that flows with alignment unique to each life that is soft, clear and practical.

The Readings offer a bridging from ones foundational life and connection with the Great Mother – the Earth upon which we live to The Greater Mother – Creation, where much is now flowing in for these new uplifting times.