Lady Mountain Healing and Readings
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"My experience with Lady Mountain Therapies has allowed me the confidence to move forward on my journey by gaining a much deeper understanding of the underlying forces at play which had become obstacles on my path. Jenni has an incredible capacity to see and know of the unseen, energetic subtleties which impact harshly upon our emotion, physical, and mental health. Through the information provided, as well as the practical tools given to me, I was able to begin the transformation process of letting go, with trust, what was clearly no longer serving my highest good. My regular interactions with Jenni have empowered me to no end as I now feel able to face life's inevitable difficulties with a much greater sense of assurance in my capacity to safeguard myself from lower energies. Jenni acts as a spiritual mirror in which One is able to see and gain access to Ones own Higher Self. Looking into that mirror, and with Jenni's encouragement, I have been able to step into my own power. Lady Mountain Therapies provides a safe, clean, and soul nurturing space wherein I was able to communicate openly and receive gentle and loving guidance from Jenni, who has cultivated deep wisdom, purity, and compassion through her expanse knowledge of the Spiritual Sciences."

Love to you

Angie, Maleny (young lady)