COLOUR – Energy!

COLOUR – Energy!  

What is the relationship between colour and energy?  For example, what energy does the heart need, different to that needed by the lungs, muscles, stomach?

There are many colours and combinations of colours, all different and unique in their energy content and quality from a low level to a fine incandescent level.  Here are two well-known systems:

Pentagram COLOUR

Healing the internal organs, the inner senses and centres.

This relates to our senses, our outer senses that we know so well  – hearing, taste, touch, smell, sight.   It is the energies of the inner centres that our major internal organs need to be in balance for our well being.  Shakespeare called these centres our inner senses.  These colour fuels are what our internal organs rely on for our everyday existence. 

This is also the seat of the Soul and the Souls Wellbeing inspires the Spirit!


Spectrum COLOUR  

Healing and balancing the living life processes and harmonies.

Humans are ‘Rainbow People’, we know the rainbow, the seven colours we see in the sky after rain.  This is the natural government we live under on this planet, our Great Mother.  Everything around us is divided into seven including how we relate to the world around us and within ourselves.

Truth and Trust  – in this ever changing world this is one place where Truth can be found, by looking at the natural worlds and the natural laws and how things work. 

There is a Trust in knowing the Sun gives warmth, the River gives us water to quench our thirst, the Trees give us shade and fruit to eat, the Earth gives us a home, these are some examples of where the quality of Trust can be found that cannot be taken away.


As with colour and energy there is also a relationship with Gems, Crystals, Herbs, Flowers and energy and the qualities that flow through them that can enhance our lives.

Lady Mountain Guidance

Custodian, the writer.

Easter and Eggs and People of the Land!

You are invited to a far distant time to hear of origins of Easter, the Aura, Mother Earth, People of the Land, Jesus and now You!

Once upon a time, well over two thousand years ago, early original celebrations at this time of year in the northern hemisphere were ceremonies for new life, of spring, where even rabbits and eggs were symbols of new beginnings.  In these early times many peoples still had a close affair with the land, the natural forces and radiations of the land, and the religious and natural folklore of the land.  These would have been original or pagan peoples.  The word pagan in its original meaning is defined as a ‘country dweller’.

The Great Church – Nature

These would have been peoples from Gaul, Brython, or other Celtic tribes.  Mostly pagan is used to refer to the ignorant and barbaric.  But at these early times there were the learned, religious class such as the Druids for example, who were philosophers, priests, healers, poets and skilled practitioners in astronomy, mathematics, law, and the supernatural.  They believed in the equality of the sexes, that women could be chiefs and that they deserved equal respect.  They believed in the Great Church (nature), in the indestructibility of the spirit, and that truth was the paramount virtue.

Goddess of Eostre (Easter)

Jesus and the Great Church – Nature

Jesus too tried to pass on the importance of being connected with the land and the nature spirits, the elementals, the natural forces and radiations of the land, all of the the unseen worlds of the planet.  He also promoted to live together, that all are equal no matter what the class or education or spiritual inclination.

To love one another and to not be obsessed with possessions.  He too said to study the ways of the Great Church – Mother Earth and to learn of her ways.  So in a way he too was a person of the land and a great student.  It is so very interesting that the great guides that have gone before have spent time in intimate connection with Mother Earth learning of her secrets and what opens deeper to them because of their genuine radiation.

The Dark Part

Unfortunately there was a great darkness over many lands that far outwayed the grace of the pagans and of the works of many messengers.  This darkness was of fear and control, of greed and inhumanity.  It was so dark that angels ne’er graced the human presence any more and Mother Earth became very ill.  So it came to pass that this latest messenger, Jesus, who was pure of heart would lift the Heart of the Mother, his mother the planet, and of the people and cleanse away the darkness.  He sought guidance from his Father, our Heavenly Father the Sun, that shines on all equally, and through the Heavenly Father came the courage to do what needed to be done.

The Aura and Resurrection – To Lift Oneself Up!

Being a child of the light like many of the messengers before him, this bright light did not fall into the darkness and because of his higher communion was able to lift up his Mother into the Light.  As he passed through this theatre of change he was able to face himself and break free from his Aura lifting himself into the Light.

You and your Aura and Now!

In these times we too can lift ourselves up into the light as we live our life to refresh and keep our space our Aura clean and safe.  In looking at the world around us it can bring us down with the fear and hypocrisy and inhumanity. But know that there is a great love waiting for you.  This time of the Easter full moon offers a rest from these harsh ways that can take away.  It is a time to shed the past and let the reaping of the full moon cleanse your life and be uplifted in the now to face the future of the new world you can build within your space, your Aura.

Love your life, be kind to yourself, remember the good times, resolve the difficulties and remember much loves you.

Lady Mountain Guidance

Custodian, the writer.

How to Make an Essence Christmas Tree?

Inspiration and my Sister Peace! 

Invite you to hear of the special lights near you!

How to Make an Essence Christmas Tree?

First, we don’t make it, it is attracted and things make it!

The Tree

The essence of the tree lives in the roots of the tree, or retreats to its roots because of the coarse human process in the world at these times.  In times gone by the tree would feel free to show its glow and the essence of the plant or tree would rise up the trunk and fill the branches and leaves of the tree where it would have an incandescent shimmering glow.

Special Time of Year

At this special time of year much that is new in essence enters the planet, the Great Mother which can be seen in the great activity occurring in the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis.   And we know it is a special time of year where the great messengers that have come also celebrated this time of year.  As the great messengers celebrated this time of year so do all life still and the Shimmering Tree is glowing in response as our example.

Green Elemental

Now that the Tree is in its wellbeing and is now a Shimmering Tree it is very attractive to a Green Elemental that at this time of year is seeking a point of anchorage and the Pine Tree or similar is a mirror image in a more physical form.  This is a love attraction where two worlds meet and integrate in harmony.  This merging and great love affair causes a chemical reaction that gives birth to fine sequins of light or sparkles signaling the beginning of Creations work.


These sequins of light or sparkles cause an elevation for the Shimmering Tree that is now a true home with elemental nourishment to sustain more life.  These sequins of light or sparkles offer portals to fairy life to also find sanctuary to live in harmony in the Shimmering Tree.  There is a special story about the Fairies, perhaps another day, but in short they have an appearance like coloured balls.  There are also other very special essence lives that may grace the tree that resemble a fine appearance of gems and pine cones and peacock feathers and more… this is a magical world indeed.

Silver Rain

As this has unfolded it can be seen that something is first attractive and attracts something to join it and then it attracts to attract and this is a natural law.  As this occurs it also causes a refinement.  It is not a formula but rather what is possible and when the environment and ecology becomes fine it can cause Silver Rain to come.  The Silver Rain falls like silver threads gracing the Shimmering Tree.

Angel of Peace

The Silver Rain is like the Princes’ kiss that awakens the heavens and is further attractive, but this time it is finally a safety and sanctuary for the Angel of Peace which is looking for a special home and if fortunate it may find a home in a Shimmering Tree in the Secret Forests or perhaps within the quiet places within some special and delightful humans….  Let’s Hope!

Perhaps it’s YOU!

When the human lights up like a Essence Christmas Tree – Everything is Possible!

Lady Mountain Guidance
The Writer